About Us

Iris Sky Systems are a new services company that aims to provide a multitude of UAS/UAV services within the Republic of Ireland and Internationally. 


Introduction to our Team

Wayne Floyd – Managing Director

Wayne has over 24 years of military service and the last 7 of those years has seen Wayne operate/ fly and instruct personnel in the military in the use of UAV’s. His interest for UAV’s began whilst on an overseas mission to Lebanon in the early 1990’s where the use of drones first intrigued him. Later in his military career he was given the opportunity to become qualified as an UAV Operator and later as an instructor in the mid 2000’s. With this knowledge behind him, Wayne and his business associates have formed this new venture in Iris Sky Systems and propose bringing the customer a high standard of UAV/UAS operations to their service.


Cormac Ó Floinn – Operating Director

As like his business partner, Cormac also possesses military experience with the operation of military and civilian UAV/UAS. With 10 years of military experience and 6 of those years as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator, Cormac has combined his military knowledge that has seen him in deployments overseas with UAVs and seen him teamed with Wayne Floyd to enhance the overall flight experience that Iris Sky Systems now have behind them.


Michael Hanna – Business Development Director

Michael has over 3 decades of business experience behind him as a business consultant, marketing consultant and partner and entrepreneur. Michael has come on board to Iris Sky Systems to enhance the business standards and quality to ensure that the overall product that Iris Sky Systems provides to their customers is of high quality.